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How has Darton done in your shop? how is there customer service? I am excited I think they will do well.

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I am in the process of expanding and contacted Darton via email about a dealership and they got right back to me.

I am curious to see where this one goes as well...................

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I wished we had a Darton shop in Southwest Iowa. I've shot several Darton's and love them ..... just no one will carry them close to here. I've told several people that Darton is the best bow you've never shot. I've contacted Darton directly when I've had questions and they always got right back to me. Good luck and I hope they really take off for you.

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The shop I work at was originally a big Darton shop, but they don't sell very well and the factory sucker punched us last year. So, we do NOT carry them anymore. I hope you all have better luck.

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I opened in 1987 and picked up Darton in 1992.
Cust. service has always been great and their bows always did well with us.
In 2004 I closed the shop (for many reasons) then re-opened this past year. 2010
Just missed it way too much.
I was amazed at how many of my previous cust's. still were shooting their mavericks.
I mean like 65% still had bows that were 6-12 years old.Thats unheard of but made me feel pretty good about selling them.
I'm selling Darton again and they haven't missed a lick when it comes to staying ahead of the competition.
The only thing is you'll have to SELL them, cust's. don't really come in asking for them but once you get a few people shooting them it will snow-ball.
I was at the A.T.A. show this year and was ready to write a Bow-Tech order. alot of advertising out there for them.
When I tried to shoot a Bow-Tech the rep. could find the 27" draw bacause it was removed from the rack because the cam fell apart.
When he told me that I couldn't believe it but he explained that the bow was shot alot that week-end.
A little disapointing I thought.
I'm not bashing their bow (this is fact) but I only sell products I believe in and I lost faith in that one pretty quick.
You'd think they could have fixed that bow for potential cust's. to shoot.
We shot alot of bows that weekend and all 3 of us still liked the Darton the best.
The speeds out of the short draws have been pretty impressive.
27" 53# 280gr 302FPS this was a DS3800SD
27.5" 63# 320gr 322FPS DS3800
29" 69# 350gr 330FPS DS3800
All 3 of these are set up with peep ,loop etc.
Good luck
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