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JVC for filming hunts

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Has anyone been using the JVC GZ HD-7 for filming hunts? I filmed for a couple of years with a Canon Gl1 and it wasn't the best for low light situations. This little JVC has all the bells and whistles that the Gl1 had, manual focus and a lot of other manual controls. It is a smaller dia. lens and it has less zoom, but it is a full HD camera and it is selling for around $750 new. Just wondering if anyone could give some input on this camera.
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I am pretty sure it is a hard drive camera and that is not good in any way for editing or using in cold weather. They will not even turn on in 30 degree and colder weather. They can also lose all footage when they become that cold. Buy the panasonic gs 500 for 400.00 and you will much better served. Or buy a canon hv20 or hv30 for 700.00 max. Just my thoughts.
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