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Katera owners. What do the limbs max at?

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I went with a buddy who bought a Katera today. It was 29in 70#. It was maxed and felt a lot more than 70#. My bow is at 65 but it felt much heavier than 5#.

I liked the bow. It looks like its well made and built like a tank. Maybe it felt heavier because of the 29 draw. Im a 28.

Before we left,the bow guy was swamped and asked another guy to come over and shoot through the chrono. He tried pulling it and couldnt get it back.He asked what poundage it was and when told 70 he seemed shocked.

I figured maybe it was probably little more than 70#s.

BTW, chrono showed 305,304,304. This was with a 390gr arrow.
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I havent had mine on the scales but it's maxed out right now with 70lbs limbs...I'd be willing to bet it's a few pounds over. I dont care really, I think it draws great and shoots even better.

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I have 60lb limbs and a 27" draw and mine maxes out at 61lbs with factory string/cable. It's a stock bow. I was suprised that it wasn't higher than that.

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