Ordered this bow in January, came in late May or early June. I've shot it about 100 times sighting in. Just having a love/hate relationship with the grip so I'm not grouping like I want. So I'm going to sell it and try something else.

Bow was ordered through the custom shop. EV II riser with black limbs. I paid just shy of $2100 for the bare bow. I'll sell it for $2000 with the new Epsilon and if I can get the Redwerx case into the Hoyt box it will be included too.

Bare bow $1800. I DO NOT need to sell so please don't lowball, they won't be responded to. Also not looking for any trades as I'm going to go shoot some more at the shop and pick what I like. If I can't find anything I'll just shoot my Invasion this season.

I can't find any marks on the bow riser or cams. Has spent most of its life with me in a case.

PayPal is preferred, price is tyd.