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Spot Shooter Archery in Holly, MI, is proud to announce their newest product Line, Killer Beez Pro Target Archery Points.

Killer Beez points are the one piece glue in and are the same diameters as the arrow shaft. This is an important feature for easy pull out of target backstops that are in most archery ranges today. Killer Beez points are made for large diameter arrows and are heavier than usual to allow an archer to shoot a heavy spined arrow at a lower poundage.

Designed for 20 yard and 18 meter shooting, our points come in three different weights per shaft. We recommend using a program such as archers advantage to determine which point is right for you. Each point is individually weighted and packaged to the closest tolerances possible. There are no added screw in weights that vibrate loose in the arrow shaft and no over sized tips that are bigger than the shaft.

Pick from our traditional bullet points or our stinger points, which are designed to not kick away from the X ring. Check out our list of arrows that we supply our tips for. In the near future we will be making points for the other arrow manufacturers and have a wider selection. Here is a list that I'm sure can fit your needs. We offer quick delivery and guarantee our points are the very best.

Jim Beasley* (9 time state champion ,4 state records 1 national record) “These points WILL improve your score immediately.”

Stinger Tips - $34.99 Plus MI Tax and Shipping
2314 140 gr. 190 gr. 230 gr.
2613 270 gr. 300 gr. 330 gr.
2712 250 gr. 300 gr. 330 gr.
X-Jammer27 170g. 200gr. 230gr.

Bullet Points - $23.99 Plus MI Tax and Shipping
2314 140 gr. 190 gr. 230 gr.
2512 170 gr. 200 gr. 230 gr.

Email or PM me for more info
You can call our store in Holly, MI at 248-531-0238
or check out our website at: []
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