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Kisser Button, yes or no?

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I've seen kisser buttons but have never used one. I shoot a PSE Razorback Recurve 30#. I think I do fairly well for a beginner. Target archery Field archery Shooting sport Archery Recreation
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(the targets were pretty close, to be honest - maybe only 10 yards -hey, I'm a beginner!) I think I've been able to maintain my anchor point but I'm not 100% certain. I've only been at this two weeks, now. I was just wondering, as a beginner, would a kisser button help me learn or hinder my learning where my anchor point is?

Also, is it normal for my anchor point to be sore - the spot on my jawline is so sore from shooting...

Thanks in advance!
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Been shooting a bow for well over 30 years and I will not shoot without a kisser button. Not on my hunting bows, and that's all I have. I got rid of the kisser a time or two but always went back to it.

It's like this; it's easy to maintain good shooting form when standing on level ground, or nearly so. But when one is up in a treestand all twisted around trying to get that shot on a critter, things can and often do change. I remember a couple of times that I was ready to touch off the release but something just didn't feel quite right. Then I remembered my kisser button was not in place. Readjusted my anchor and was able to get the critter on a fairly difficult shot. Pretty sure I would have missed on those couple of shots had it not been for a kisser button.

In terms of folks that claim they shoot better without a kisser button......I have my doubts. If that be the case then it was not adjusted properly. A kisser button is nothing more than another anchor point so saying you don't shoot as good with one is not logical.
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