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I cant watch this forum not move any longer.
Post some speeds from your Kodabows. Some kill pictures anything etc. Opinions about anything Kodabow!!! Wishlists.

Here are some speeds I chronographed last fall
crossbow - Kodabow Zulu Scout
String--- flemish string made by Trinity Bowstrings. ( impressed with the quality) String weighs 164 grains
brace set to Koda specs

Spynal Tapp from South Shore Archery 100 grain point total arrow weight 431.6 speed 314fps
125 grain point----TAW---456.7 gr speed 305

Black Eagle Executioner 100 grain point TAW 410.4 grains speed 321fps
125 grain , TAW 434.2 gr speed 314fps

I was actually surprised by the 321 but I shot it 3 times and 2 were 321 and one was 322

Actually impressed with the 305 with a heavy 456.7 grain arrow.
I think its pretty respectable for a 200lb recurve.

Bow was outfitted with SVL vibration limb dampeners. The split limb vibration dampeners were placed 5.5 inches from the Limb bolt. Previous testing showed the farther from the riser the quieter the shot became. Putting the silencer by the limb tips makes the bow really quiet but slows it down considerably. The best combo is more in the middle of the limb. It reduces sound and after shot vibration with only a small speed loss.

Im hoping to use the heavy Spynal Tapp The 125 point is going to be a Slick Trick Magnum.
Both the Koda and Camx shoot that broadhead very well

Lets hear something from you Koda owners.
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