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Lacrosse 4xBurly Boots. Size 9. Worn Once. 1200 Gram Thinsulate / Waterproof

I have a pair of Lacrosse 4xBurly boots that were given to me as a gift. I tried them on in the house and they seemed to fit alright, but after putting on warm socks and walking several hundred yards I discovered that they are too small. I need a size 10. I own another pair of Lacrosse boots size 9 and they don't bother me, but these hurt my feet and I won't use them. With that being said, because they were worn in the field the store they were purchased at will not exchange them. My loss is your gain.

These were 130.00 brand new, and are selling today for $109.00 at Cabela's. Here is the link to the boots and a better description than I could ever write.

I am asking 70.00 tyd.

In order to accurately depict the condition of the boots, I left them just as they are and did not wash the mud off of them. I will swear an affidavit if need be, that these have only been worn once.

You are getting a deal.

I also realize that this is my first public post on this site, although I have bought a few things from the classifieds. I also realize that this is a "warning" sign and you may be somewhat leery of my limited time here. My best advice would be to use paypal and treat the transaction as payment for goods and services. I am not a scammer, or interested in taking advantage of anyone, just trying to sell something I won't use to buy something I will.




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