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NOTE: We'll be up on the mountain on the 12th of August setting up the
3-D course, so if you want to come up a day early and help set up the
target course, we will gladly accept the assistance.

August 13th and August 14th, 2005 - Mountain Challenge Fun Shoot

Join the Little Wind Archers of Fremont County at our 2nd "Mountain
Challenge" fun 3-D archery tournament. This is an unregistered 2-Day 3-D
archery Foam Hunting Tournament, held in the natural setting of the
scenic Shoshone National Forest, in Fremont County, Wyoming. Unlike our
other tournaments, where we pay back money to the winners, for
competitors, this one is about bragging rights and SERIOUS FUN...

Competitors will shoot the first day's round, and prizes will be awarded
to the winners. Shooter's stakes will be moved at the end of the first
day, and then competitors will shoot a whole new tournament on the 2nd
day. Winners on this day's event, will receive prizes too.

This is not a registered tournament, and is essentially a club-rules
tournament, so we'll have a simple set of guidelines to go by for this

A special, separate 3-D course will be set up for the younger kids, who
may not want to shoot an entire course of targets.

Registration times:

9:00am-1:00pm Saturday
8:00am-12Noon Sunday
* Must have started 2nd round by 1:00pm on Sunday shoot.

Registration fees:
$10.00 for adults
$20.00 for the whole family (Immediate family)
$8.00 Adult Hunter Round - (Non-scoring, Non-competition round)
$5.00 for Youth and Young Adult Class ages 12-17
Cub Class ages 11 and under shoot free

Payback: This is a fun shoot. Prizes will be awarded to winners.
Winning combined scores for both days will receive a
special "Mountain Challenge" prize.

This is * NOT * a Wyoming State Archery Association registered event.
There will be 20 targets set up for two rounds at different stakes,
giving a combined 40 targets to shoot per day. Stakes will be moved at
the end of the day's event. We'll be shooting at unmarked yardage
targets. Field points only. No Broadheads, rangefinders, draw-locks or
crossbows will be allowed at this tournament. Novelty shoots, and
special shooting activities for the kids will be set up.

On Saturday evening of this event, there will be a pot luck dinner for
everyone who comes to the shoot. It is requested that a pot luck side
dish appropriate for the occasion is brought along so that a full meal
can be presented for everyone.

Due to new requirements for our club insurance that we have no control
over, all participants at our tournaments will be required to sign a
standard liability waiver. This is now a mandatory directive right from
the NFAA's insurance underwriter, and our club is now required to have
all participants sign these waivers if you haven't this year.

For more information, call or email:
Jeff Burris (President): (307) 857-3176
David Lieb (Vice President): (307) 856-9780
Chandra Nettles (Secretary): (307) 856-5513
Ron Reddon (Webspinner): (307) 856-6651


Accommodations: If you enjoy the outdoors, bring your camper trailer or
a good tent if you intend to stay for this 2-day adventure, as we will
be again hosting you in the wilds of the Shoshone National Forest this
year. Lander is at the bottom of the mountain, and has plenty of
accommodations for those who would rather stay in town. Bring your own
food, camping supplies, etc. for your meals, as there are no
concessions, other than water, and the informal pot luck dinner on
Saturday evening of the event...

Location and Directions:

From Lander, travel on SR-28 up South Pass, and turn in on the Loop
(Louis Lake) Road at the snowmobile unloading area turnout. As you pass
the snow-fence, go in approximately one-half mile on the Louis Lake
(Loop) road, and then we'll be just off to the left side of the road.

Maps to the tournament location:

This area is an ideal camping area with adequate space, and idyllic
outdoor 3-D shooting terrain with high altitude, cool clean air, and an
abundance of trees and wildlife. Bring your campers, tents, bows, and
spend a weekend of fun, with the Little Wind Archers, and the wilds of
the Shoshone National Forest as your hosts.

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