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Last deer archery tagged filled

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Went out tonight to hopefully fill my last archery tag, hadn't hunted over my 2 acre clover chicory plot in quite a while. Got out there and it looked like the clover had been mowed. Watched a young deer cruise around then a doe group came in and this big doe had twins with her and eventually was quartering away at 25 yards, she didn't go very far. Four archery kills and will head out this weekend with the start of ML season Saturday. Hope to put another fat doe in the freezer, I got skunked last year during ML, so may hit same plot. last ML kill, doe, was in this plot so it may work out.
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Still can hunt turkeys will bow starting this Sat as well. Needless to say the pictures don't reflect her size...
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love it!
fantastic shot placement..
you'll eat well this off season
Only time I buy beef is when my wife's grandsons come for an overnight, then usually a Porterhouse or ribeye. Rest of the time something with venison in it, or liver loaf which I make then freeze in portions.
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