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I had a good friend cancel due to medical issue three weeks ago and now another good friend says he can't afford it. Both have already paid their deposites to the rancher.

I am from Michigan and would like to fill those two spots to help reduce gas costs for our trip out there. I am only interested in good people who are good, experienced archery hunters. Otherwise it'll just be two of us this year.

The ranch is over 5000 acres of private property just west of Ridgeway, CO. This will be my third year there and second for the third archery hunt. Last year we all shot P&Y bulls... Kevin's was published in Aprils Woods n Water and was also pictured in August/September Bowhunter. His offically scored over 320, Steve's was bigger but we never found it (shot at 15 yards) and mine was just under 270. There are over 200 elk on the propoerty most days. This is fair chase and a DIY hunt.

The trespass fee is $1,500 but both people who have cancelled are offering $250 for replacement hunters. Total would be $1250 for trespass fee. The tags are over the counter. We split the fuel bill and stay on the ranch in an old mobile home that has kitchen. However, no running water or electricity! We are leaving 9/12 and hunt runs 9/15 through 9/22. Pictures and references are available for last year. If interested give me a call at 248-705-9427.
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