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Bought this straight from the factory in January. I was planning to use this to go back to shooting fingers, but decided I don't really have the time to practice with it. I have literally taken it out one time and shot about 10 arrows through it. Other than that it has sat on the shelf in my shop. It shoots great! Totally dead in the hand to my feel, and quiet. I really don't want to sell it, but bills have been piling up lately, so I have to clear out some extra bows I don't really need.

This is the link to the bow I bought off of the Oneida website:

Here is the link to actual pics of the bow:

I have the receipt I can show to anyone who is interested in buying and wants to see it. Comes with all of the modules and everything that came in the box. It was in the outlet because of cosmetic blemishes, but I really can't find anything that would qualify except a few bubbles in the finish here or there. I was planning to re-do in regular camo anyhow.

Specs are 50#-70# and 24.5"-27.5" draw length.

I paid $967.49 after tax.

Asking for $850 TYD


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