Here's the remainder of my new spin wings/vanes as I won't be shooting anymore. Not enough/worth it to part them out so let's keep them together in the hopes of finding someone who wants to venture into the spin.

Just a reminder- all of these are left handed
Here's what I got... quantity in bold
22 XS Wings 40mm, low profile metallic green
15 Range-O-Matic Spin-Wing Vanes in light green, 1 9/16"
12 Spider Vanes 1.8" metallic blue *
60 Spider Vanes 1.8" in white *

I'll also throw in the tape strips I have in my kit (approx 3xs what you see in the pics- kept finding more) along with an opened, but unused roll of Bohning premium feather fletching tape. This is a must have when doing a lot of spin wings at once. The tape and the white vanes alone will run you $40 at Lancaster so this is a fair price considering you're getting a lot more.

So, $30 TYD in CONUS
Feel free to message if you have questions.

* If memory serves, spider vanes measures their length by the length of the actual usable vane, not the length of the entire piece, as such the total length of all of the spider vanes 2 7/16". There is no corresponding length even close and unfortunately I don't have the packaging so I can't be 100% but I am sure of the branding, as these were my go-to vanes for a long time.