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light arrows, does it really matter

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Im shooting a Victory V force HV 400s which are spined at .4 and are 6.2 gpi, Iv got 4 inch feathers and a 100 grian phathead broad head, My arrow weights 298 grains, im pullin 60lbs, and have a 26 inch draw lenght, my speed is 273 to 276 fps, and my ke is 48, with a foc of 13-14%, is this a realistic setup for hunting, i havent had any trouble so far and i get pass throughs at 40 yards, why the bad rap on light arrows?

im also have carbon express maximas same BH and fletching weighing in at 328, i turn my bow up to 65lbs for them, and i shoot relativly the same speed so i went lighter so i wouldent have to pull that much weight, although the ke is 53 does it really matter, these end up shootiing around 270
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Long as it will kill a deer or whatever you're shooting at, what does it matter????? If a Mack truck hit a deer squarely at 60MPH or it's hit squarely by a Corvette at 60, it's still dead... If it works for you, then go with it. don't get caught up too much into numbers. They are just that.... numbers:D
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