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Limb legs

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Hi all,

I have seen tons of people saying do not shoot with limb legs on and based on where they were mounted I understand why.
In the picture I have included, would it not be safe to leave the limb legs in place while shooting since they are not mounted right in the middle of the limbs?
it’s just nice to stand my bow up in the blind but if I’m not super careful it is easy to spook a deer a with accidental noise.
thanks in advance for any insight!

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Like thedude1234 said, I'm only aware of limb stands provided by the manufacturer that are designed to be shot without removing.

That said, I wonder if there's a thread where folks have tested groups and velocity. It stands to reason that weight on the limb could slow things down, possibly unbalance the set up, or cause stress in parts beyond manufacturer design parameters.
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