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Enough about risers what about limbs what are good limbs for indoor and outdoor BB shooting

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In my opinion barebow is about creativity...or choose where I fall after reading my description below. At the risk of getting laughed off the forum, here goes...

Limb choice depends on the aiming method you use and the distances you plan to shoot. I will explain what I use. This is not a recommendation, just a description of how I have attacked the problem. Some consider my approach overly complicated. There is a strong case to be made for using one bow and one set of arrows for everything. The main thing is that you have to be able to easily handle the draw weight that you choose. Otherwise, you may make the distance, but you will never be consistent.

Indoor 18 M

Approach 1: Stringwalk with 34 lb PSE ProElite limbs (40 lbs on fingers) using full length 2315 Platinum Plus arrows.
Approach 2: Stringwalk outdoor setup, 36 lb Border CXB (41 lbs on fingers) using full length ACE 430.
Approach 3: Point of aim shoot 26 lb Border Carbon (30 lbs on fingers) using full length 2315 Platinum Plus arrows.

My personal best was shot using option 3 which is what I am using today. Option 2 was used as practice for shooting 30 meters in a FITA round. Option 3 uses a slow bow and heavy arrows to reduce the distance that I have to aim below the target. My original 26 lb Hoyt Epic limbs shot a whopping 138 fts.

Outdoor FITA

My strategy outdoors is to set my bows up to give me good sight points at the distances I intend to shoot.

Last year I used two bows, one for 90 meters and another for 70, 50 and 30. I did this because I could not get a good consistent sight point at 90 with the lower poundage limbs. They were 40 lb PSE Carbon (46.5 lbs on the fingers) and 36 lb Border CXB (41 lbs on the fingers).

This year I have shifted to 36 lb Border HEX5 (44 lbs on the fingers) to get more speed at a lower draw weight. These limbs have considerably improved my sight points at 90, 70 and 50 meters. I will also be shooting them at 30 meters to start out. I may set up a special bow for 30 meters.

All FITA distances are shot with full length ACE 430.

NFAA Barebow field (with a recurve)

For this I use my 36 lb Border CXB since it gives me a point-on of 45 yards. I gap shoot to 35 yards and stringwalk inside of 35. I also gap above 45 changing from three under to split finger at the longer distances. It is tough shooting this division with a recurve so I have started shooting a compound finger bow. I use full length Redline 460 and will convert to Navigator 430 when I am certain of not losing or breaking anymore arrows.

As you can see, I have a closet full of limbs and I compete with almost all of them. I evolved to this approach very quickly -- optimizing my gear for the distances that I shoot. Once again, many would argue against this. I hope they jump in and provide a description of their approach.

When all is said and done, you need limbs that you can handle and learn on. You are not buying your last pair ever so I would not be too concerned about what might happen deep into the future. Since you are new, it is best to get something economical so that you are not overly invested when your form improves and you want something bigger, faster, better.


All my limbs are wood core. They are cheaper than foam core and temperature changes are not a huge deal where I live. I would have to see some noticeable affects to spend the money that a good set of foam core limbs cost -- especially as a barebow shooter where we are not expected to blast a hole in the middle of the target.
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