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Limbsaver’s X-Coil 3.5 Stabilizer

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When I called LimbSaver I spoke to Marcie one of the rep‘s and it was a very pleasant experience and she sent me quite a few items to evaluate from LimbSaver. It will take me some time to get through all of it but the first thing I wanted to try was the stabilizer. I had been using an older TruGlo 3.2 oz stabilizer. Wondering if this would make any difference in shooting I put it on and began. After shooting for several weeks and this would be on an average of 4 times a week. I noticed less shock and torque in the bow. Not that there was a lot to begin with in my 31” Ross Carnivore. But, noticed that my hand was not having issues like it had before after shooting for long periods of time. This is not to say my carpal tunnel went away but it was greatly diminished. The “only” change has been the stabilizer I am shooting with. So this says a lot about the shock absorbing qualities of this stabilizer. I also found it to balance the bow nicely and not over weight it in the front as some have that I have tried. Due to the fact that it took a heavier stabilizer to absorb part of the shock this stabilizer does at much less the weight and size.
According to the LimbSaver webpage…the technology in this stabilizer is called NavCom technology and engineers the same proven LimbSaver shot-deadening performance as the original S-Coil, in a more compact design. The new Mini S-Coil demolishes vibration and sound using Sims' patented Navcom material, and does it for a fraction of the cost of most stabilizers. Its size allows it to fit in most bow cases without disassembly. The size is important for a hunter and makes it much easier traversing thick, tight woods and brush. Its ridged design dramatically increases the surface area of the energy-absorbing material and creates nodes that cancel shock independently. This means you get big-time recoil and noise reduction from a short, lightweight package.
So, if you want more for your money in a stabilizer, then LimbSaver is where you want
to start. So, click here to link to the website.
Review written by: Gary Elliott​