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Limbsaver S-Coil Pro New for 2018

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I've been following archery talk for a few years but this will be my first post as a member.
I realize there are a few product review forums here but since I will be discussing a Limbsaver product, I hope to use their forum.
Limbsaver recently came out with 2 new stabilizers for 2018, the S-coil pro and the 7" Micro Lite Hunter.
I have always used an S-coil on my bow and then I used an X-coil when Limbsaver came out with those.
After feeling how good the broadband nodes are on my 2007 PSE stinger limbs, I decided to try out the new S-coil Pro in black color.
I placed the order from Limbsaver's website and my package arrived a few days later (last week).
The s-coil pro is just like the x-coil where it mounts to the riser. There is a 1/2" tightening point for a wrench which makes it very easy to remove from the bow when the stabilizer sometimes gets stuck on tight.
I also own a B-stinger Pro Hunter Maxx 12" with the de-resonator and I can say that after comparing the two that the Limbsaver is quieter and more dead in my hand. Don't get me wrong, the B-stinger is superior for long distance shots and true stabilization and I keep it on my Darton Maverick.
The 6 broadband nodes on the end of the S-coil pro are just like the broadband nodes for the limb's, very flexible and soft while keeping a clean look to the front of the bow.
This stabilizer came in at 4.93 oz and 4.5."
At 4.5" this stabilizer is the same as the X-coil and keeps that nice, tucked in form for when you're in a tight spot. I enjoy laying my PSE down on the riser and not having the stab lift up the bow like my Darton with the B-Stinger.
Last but not least, Limbsaver included a future promotional 20% discount code in the package to be used on their website which I will be doing soon for their firearm accessories.
Feel free to post any questions about this product and I will try to answer it.
Limbsaver posts their updates on their Facebook profile and that's how I've been following their latest up to date products. I am not affiliated with Limbsaver in any way and I just want to give a truthful review of their products I have used. I am currently using their cable rod dampeners, deresonator (for sight), and solid limb broadband nodes.
2 pictures attached.
Thanks guys.