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I have a small house in NC and had to have the roof redone. I talked to several roofers and hired one who said he was in business for 30 years. I like what he said about how he would do the repair and it was the same as I would have done.

We talked about the payment and he said I could pay him when he finished. I also asked him if the price included permits, inspections, and all the materials and he said yes. He called about a week later and told me they had started the job. I asked him about the permits and he asked me who he needed to call. I told him the county but told him I would take care of it. That was the first red flag of the job. He called a couple days later and told me he was done and asked for the money. I asked about the inspection and he stated he never had to call for an inspection before. Another red flag. So called for one and the inspector told me it passed, but he also told me they usually don't do roof inspections for shingles just for structural repair which I had, so I sent the check. I went up there to inspect the roof and had other work to do around the house.

What I found was a hole in the drywall ceiling where a piece of plywood was dropped, the roofer loss the key to the house, he had used wood I had in the basement instead of buying wood wood for the roof, and I found a hole, in plain view, in the roofing deck. I asked him about these things and he said he was going to tell me but wanted to see if he was going to get paid first. He also said he must've over looked the hole in the plywood. Luckly on my part I beat the mail and arrived up there before the check so I stopped payment on it.

The roofer did repair the hole in the plywood. I told him I was deducting the price to rekey my locks, the drywall repair and the wood from the price. I told him if he was up front of what happened we could've worked it out and he agreed. I paid him and he went on his way. A couple of hours later I went to close a window in the basement and found not only did he lose the key he damaged the screen to break into the basement to turn on the power.

Now for the lesson learned - in NC consumer beware.

When he told me he was in business for 30 years I assumed he was licensed in NC, my fault for not checking up front. But afterwards I called the county and was told you don't need a county license and was told to call the state. I called the state and was told you don't need a occupational license to do roofing if the job is less then $30,000. So I looked up NC occupational license requirements and you need a license for just about everything else but a roofer.

The roofer did ask me if I would pay in cash so he wouldn't have to report it on his taxes. Since he got me pissed off about everything, I suggested to the my wife I should just take out a knee cap. Funny she didn't agree eventho I was kidding. So next step I reported him to the IRS for not paying taxes, not that it will probably go anywhere, but I figured what the heck.

This got me to thinking if he did this much at my house, what has he done at others. Hopefully I won't have any leaks when it rains.
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