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45-60# 21-26" all modules. Package MSRP $629.99 Usually Sells for $599.99 plus shipping. I WANT $470 TYD
Package includes: [I am thinking about keeping the DVD, Sorry]

2009 Martin Leopard
All modules 21-26"
NAP 360 Rest
Apex Sight
415 Next G1 Quiver
Plano Hard Case
Martin Archery Hat
Wildman Fly Series Wrist Sling
Wildman Round A Bout Stabilizer
Wildman Fly Series Cordura Armguard
Trufire Hurricane Extreme [Martin Logo] Release
[4] Vapor 400 by Goldtip Carbon Arrows & Field Points

Will email pics, Such a nice package, i hate to see it go but I already have the 09 Cheetah Package.
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Not open for further replies.