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I have a 2009 Mathews DXT 28/70 purchased 8/25/09 that has been shot 30 times in the backyard only. I need the cash for the new Canon 7d (camera) so the bow has to go. I have all the papers that come with the bow, video, magazine, and hat all still in the package. This bow is in Brand New Condition not a mark one on it. I am asking $925 tyd. Paypal preferred.

Here is what I paid:

2009 Mathews DXT 70/28 $749
Extreme Bone Collector Lost Camo Sight $89.99
Mathews Convertible HD II rest $99.99
G5 1/8 in Peep $6.99
6 Easton STExcel Carbon Arrows with 100 grain field tips $36.00
Sales tax $58.97
Total $1,041.94

Save $116.00 on a bow that is in Brand New Condition!!!!!!

This bow will not dissapoint, very smooth and groups very well. Check out the picture of the fletching where the arrows hit.

I am a long time reader of AT, but never registered.
I have not made any post yet so I cannot post direct link to pictures, but if you go to ellispictures dot com / dxt
I have posted 19 pictures including the receipt.
My ebay id is keellis4bzt. My website is

I am located in WV.
Any questions just call or email

stevie at

304-415-0603 cell no service if at home
304-925-2872 home

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What would you sell the bare bow for?
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