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Locking Climbing Treestands

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This year i am thinking about leaving my climber on a tree all the time at the farm i hunt on. The links below contain the type of locks i was looking at. I was thinking that i could put the cable through the platform and lock it aorund the tree. Now if someone was going to steal it they could still undo the climbing cable but could not get the climber off the tree due to the platform beging locked around the tree. Does anyone else have any good ways to lock a climber around a tree or is the way i mentioned a good way? Thanks!
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I plan on leaving the climber hooked on at the base of the tree. The main reason why i want to leave it out there is because the stand is very heavy and the spot where i hut is almost a mile back. Thanks for the suggestions!:rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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