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I bought a Lone Wolf Assault after last season and have used it for 2 weeks now this season, and thought I would post a review on it. I have bowhunted for 4 years now and before the Assault I used cheap Remington hang on stands. I would hang 3 of them before the season and rarely move them because it was such a chore to move them. What I realized was that I was burning out those spots and not trying new areas. I decided to by an Assault and be mobile. I already had a set of Lone Wolf sticks so I was set there. I chose the Assault based on Lone Wolf's reputation, light weight, portability, and packability. After 6 trips with the Assault I am very satisfied with the stand. I'll list the pro's and con's as I see them.

(light weight)-I can easily carry the Assault and a set of 3 Lone Wolf sticks on my back each trip. I am usually walking 1/2 to a mile each outing and the weight doesn't bother me at all.

(packability)- The way that the sticks interlock with each other and the stand is what separates Lone Wolf from the rest. It is truly a complete system, not just some components strapped together. Ater watching the video on their website and seeing the correct way to pack it all together I had no trouble packing up the stand and sticks in a couple minutes. Even in the dark in the woods it is a breeze.

(Ez-hang hook)- This is one of the main things that sold me on Lone Wolf. I always hated trying to hang a stand the old way. Now I just set up my sticks, cinch up the ez hang strap, grab the stand, and hang it on the hook. No more hanging on to the tree while holding a heavy stand, while trying to wrap a strap around the tree. I also have the option of leaving the ez hang strap in the tree if I plan on hunting that spot again, thus making the next setup even easier.

(quietness)- Just as advertised Lone Wolf stands are dead silent and absolutely rock solid in the tree. I am very impressed with the overall construction of these stands. Definately top notch

(adjustability)- Being able to level the seat and platform are awesome features to have and it is very easy to do.


(price)- They are expensive and went up in price 20-30 dollars this year. But if any stand is worth that kind of money they are. I was comfortable spending that amount of money knowing that I won't be leaving the stand in the tree. That way I know it wont get stolen. Personally I would not leave a Lone Wolf setup in a tree. I would be too mad if I lost a stand worth 200+ dollars. For stands I would leave out all season I would still use the cheap $40 hangons.

(size)- I don't know if I should list this as a con since I knew it was small, but man that platform is small when your way up in a tree. If I buy another it will be the Alpha, I'll deal with a few more pounds for the extra room.

(platform cutouts)- I know that they have large cutouts for weight savings, but sometimes when I move a little bit my foot will roll off an edge and I will get a little nervous and feel unsteady. I would never sit in the Assault without a safety harness. It is too small to take any chances.

(comfort)- The stand is more comfortable than my cheap stands but it is not an easy chair. I think that the seat material is better than regular foam, since it doesn't compress after you sit on it for a while.
I usually only sit for maybe 3 hours so this is really not an issue. I wouldn't want to sit for an entire day in it though.

Overall I am very happy with the Assault. I like the mobility it gives me. I can easily setup somewhere new every time out. I feel that the system of the stand and sticks is a clear step above everything else out there. I would heartily recommend Lone Wolf stands and sticks.

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Buy a gorilla seat for it and it will make huge differance, that is what I did. Added a molle rig and you'll love it even more!
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