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Longbow, arrow selection, heavy bows

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I' m in trouble now-after years of recurves, I stepped into longbows and bought a couple of bows, a holmes 68# and a Kinkoho from Dan Quillian 70#. This is what bows are about, says my brain as I pull these wonderful, slim creatures back and let an arrow loose.
However as these are not center shot I see my beloved CE 300s won't work with these, seems the spine is too stiff. Interested in what other longbowmen are shooting. I have a 27" draw but in the past I prefer to shoot full length carbons for a variety of reasons. Realizing one cannot actually tune arrows to a bow except thru trial and error, I am interested in what other longbowmen are using and works for them, thanks sunaj
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tpoof said:
I have a number of longbows,,reflex deflex,,but my fav is a 60lb Jerry Hill Wildcat delux,,,ya hand shock soo bad you get headaches after 10 shots lol,,, but with that bow shootin is effortless and accurate.
I use 2016 aluminums with 125 gr tips,,draw 27",,,they bareshaft perfect for me!
I have a homemade spine tester and I use the spine of the 2016 to make my own wood arrows,,,long process but in a nutshell,,,cut blanks 3/8 square of fav wood,( i have some old fir planks salvaged that are so good in grain) i built a die out of 1/2' steel and drilled hole in it from 3/8" down to 5/16". take my shaft,chuck it in a drill and run it thru the first hole to knock the edges off,then on and on to smaller holes till I match the spine of the 2016 I've done this with numerous shafts,,,once I find a aluminum I like match it with wood, heavier woods like ash require smaller diameters.
Anyway thats how I do my shafts...
I try to keep it as handson and cheap as possible
its fun too!
Good luck!
Tpoof, What are your 2016s spining out at? I know what Easton says they are but I think they're testing a little differently than everyone else in the industry does.
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