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Longbow, arrow selection, heavy bows

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I' m in trouble now-after years of recurves, I stepped into longbows and bought a couple of bows, a holmes 68# and a Kinkoho from Dan Quillian 70#. This is what bows are about, says my brain as I pull these wonderful, slim creatures back and let an arrow loose.
However as these are not center shot I see my beloved CE 300s won't work with these, seems the spine is too stiff. Interested in what other longbowmen are shooting. I have a 27" draw but in the past I prefer to shoot full length carbons for a variety of reasons. Realizing one cannot actually tune arrows to a bow except thru trial and error, I am interested in what other longbowmen are using and works for them, thanks sunaj
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I have a number of longbows,,reflex deflex,,but my fav is a 60lb Jerry Hill Wildcat delux,,,ya hand shock soo bad you get headaches after 10 shots lol,,, but with that bow shootin is effortless and accurate.
I use 2016 aluminums with 125 gr tips,,draw 27",,,they bareshaft perfect for me!
I have a homemade spine tester and I use the spine of the 2016 to make my own wood arrows,,,long process but in a nutshell,,,cut blanks 3/8 square of fav wood,( i have some old fir planks salvaged that are so good in grain) i built a die out of 1/2' steel and drilled hole in it from 3/8" down to 5/16". take my shaft,chuck it in a drill and run it thru the first hole to knock the edges off,then on and on to smaller holes till I match the spine of the 2016 I've done this with numerous shafts,,,once I find a aluminum I like match it with wood, heavier woods like ash require smaller diameters.
Anyway thats how I do my shafts...
I try to keep it as handson and cheap as possible
its fun too!
Good luck!
Hello Feral Donkey!
You know to tell the truth I'm really not sure what the spine deflection numbers are?The spine tester I've made is just so I can match various bends (deflections)it has no numbers on it and I just mark where the pointer says while I'm spining my shafts. I've got a 27 draw so I knew that it would be either a 1916, 2016 shaft would work. I started with a 2016 shaft cut to 291/2" and with bare shaft testing got a weak shaft profile ,,so I cut 1/4' off and reshoot,,kept doing that until I got a straight on shaft,,,ended to to be a 28 3/4' shaft that worked the best on the 2016 shaftwith a 125gr.tip,,the 1916 were just too limber and would have to be cut too short to work on this particular bow.
Once I found that I matched it with the woods and the tecnique I've described previously,,it works real well! I also do the same with my wifes Martin x200 40lber which takes 1816's cut to 28 1/2'. I've made some fir woodies for her and they shoot excellent as well,, Good enough for her to win the Canadian Nationals for 4 straight years,,,before her shoulder surgery:cry:
So, sorry for the long winded reply (and not really answering your question)lol. but that is the way i do it,, got the spine tester plans off of the Traditional Bowhunter mag way back when, pretty bushleague but works fine enough. Hope this helps a bit at least

a friend in archery
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spine tester

Here is a pic of my homemade tester, crude but effective :thumbs_up
sorry sunaj for getting off topic :embara:


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