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Longbow, arrow selection, heavy bows

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I' m in trouble now-after years of recurves, I stepped into longbows and bought a couple of bows, a holmes 68# and a Kinkoho from Dan Quillian 70#. This is what bows are about, says my brain as I pull these wonderful, slim creatures back and let an arrow loose.
However as these are not center shot I see my beloved CE 300s won't work with these, seems the spine is too stiff. Interested in what other longbowmen are shooting. I have a 27" draw but in the past I prefer to shoot full length carbons for a variety of reasons. Realizing one cannot actually tune arrows to a bow except thru trial and error, I am interested in what other longbowmen are using and works for them, thanks sunaj
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Sunaj like Tpoof I also shoot a Jerry Hill Wildcat in the 65# range. It likes to spit out 2216's very well. It also shoots 60-65# cedar arrow, 30 inch cut very well. Go with a little lighter spine for most longbows or add a lot of weight up front on those 300's and see how they shoot. Also Tpoof wasn't kidding about the hand shock on the Wildcat, it will knock the fillings out of your teeth if your not carefull. Glenn
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