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Longbow, arrow selection, heavy bows

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I' m in trouble now-after years of recurves, I stepped into longbows and bought a couple of bows, a holmes 68# and a Kinkoho from Dan Quillian 70#. This is what bows are about, says my brain as I pull these wonderful, slim creatures back and let an arrow loose.
However as these are not center shot I see my beloved CE 300s won't work with these, seems the spine is too stiff. Interested in what other longbowmen are shooting. I have a 27" draw but in the past I prefer to shoot full length carbons for a variety of reasons. Realizing one cannot actually tune arrows to a bow except thru trial and error, I am interested in what other longbowmen are using and works for them, thanks sunaj
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With a longbow often a "dead on" spine or even a little less will work well for me. By dead on I mean matching the spine poundage of the arrow to the weight of the bow.

For your bows, a 2018 spines at about 67#, a 2020 a bit more than that so they could be a good fit for you. A CE Terminator in 45-60 might be worth a look also. For a woodie I'd start experimenting right in the 65-70 range.

If you look at tpoofs post right before mine, he is shooting a 60# Jerry Hill and 2016's. The 2016 spines at 61#.:)

If your draw length is shorter than 28" you will need to go a little lighter, and if its longer a bit heavier.

I'm guessing the spine rating of your 300's is over 90 pounds or thereabouts.
That's a good looking spine tester there!:)

Mine is simply two nails in the wall, properly spaced and I measure the weight with a hand scale at the proper mark. It works too although much less glamorous.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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