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Looking for 09 Bowtech Captain Limbs

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Help!!! I just purchased a 09 Bowtech Captain with 60-70lb limbs and there is no way I can safely draw the bow back. Luv the bow so I would like to get 50 to 60lb limbs or lower. The original color is realtree, but at this time I would take any color. Does anyone have any for sale or know where to get them? Thanks Chris
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Hey cdsamm,

I'm looking for the same thing for my captain. I spoke with a guy at BowTech last week, he said they have some 50/60lbs captain limbs in stock but they are black.

My local shop set my bow at around 57lbs. They said its completely safe but won't recommend going any lower. I really like that draw weight. In fact, I may increase it to 60lbs as I get more used to the bow.
I'd take yours in to your local shop and get them to do the same. Draw it back and see if you like it then. That might save you a few bucks on a new set of limbs.

Hope this helps.

My set up:
Bowtech captain 60/70lbs, 27" draw
AXT Carbon carnivore sight w/light
NAP 8" Apache carbon stab
Whisker biscuit
Q5 Head loc 6 arrow quiver
Apex braided wrist strap
Tru-fire Extreme web, buckle release
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