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Looking for Feedback on Mathews Prestige

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Has anyone out there shot the Mathews Prestige? It's didn't make their catalog this year, but you can order it. It's supposed to be their speed bow solution for short draw archers. It make me a little nervous because it only has a 6 inch brace height and axle to axle is 35 1/2 inches long. I'm left handed and 26 inch draw length, so it's virtually impossible to find bows to test shoot because noone stocks my size. I'm leaning heavily toward the Bowtech Equalizer, I had a chance to try one right handed recently and was very impressed. Any comments on these bows and the Apex line would be appreciated ( I shoot 3D and target. my current target bow is a PSE Mach 11 and I am looking to make a change). My recent 3D bows are PSE Team Primos and Mathews MQ1. I need something a step up in speed for 3D. My beloved MQ1 is the bow I keep set up for hunting.
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My daughter is shooting a prestige. It is definatly fast. It is a really smooth shooting bow. She shot her first tournament with it this past weekend and shot a 257 out of 250. The next lady behind her shot a 239. It is definatly a shooter.
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