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looking for fellow elb archers for roving marks in rhode island to shoot with us.

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hi there. a few friends and myself are traditional/ primitive archers. we found that target archery wasnt much to our taste. well personally its because i always viewed the longbow as a weapon. some people buy guns solely for shooting at a target, same goes for bows. the use of the longbow as a military weapon is what fascinated us.

my friends and i have permission to shoot on a farm in the wakefield area. we set up marks at 50, 80, 100, and 150 or 200 yards. we practice volley fire, speed shooting. and i typically bring armor targets to turn into pin cushions with my arrows with my hand forged heads. we dont do scoring. but we are practicing the art of ranging arrows on target long range as it would have been done back in the middle ages.

so i wanted to see if anyone would join us and expand our group. we are looking for responsible traditional/ primitive shooters who would like to participate. if your using a compound or a recurve with sights were probably not for you. nothing against it by any means, its just not our forte.

i am the head of the group, with my partner mike. i am taking him under my wing to master the art of the warbow. i am also a blacksmith and fletcher. and make the majority of the equipment we use.

here are just a couple of video clips of us shooting.