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looking for some info

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I am starting to look for a new bow. At this time I'm between; Mathews, Bowtech, and bear. I'm kind of leaning towards the Mathews. What are some opinions on these bows. I was also thinking of going from aluminum arrows to carbon. What does everyone think of the easton axis arrows? The finial question is on broadheads. I currently shoot muzzy, but am thinking of the montec G5. Can I get some info please? Thanks for the help
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You will get many opionions

Go to a bowshop and shoot all bows in question here.

Muzzys are a good broadhead- Montecs work if you want to sharpen broadheads.

Axis arrows are great-Carbon arrow work well.

I shoot Mathews for over three years now. Great bows and get better each year. Try the new swithcback

Don't rule out Hoyt I have been shooting Martin for 10 years and I shot my first Hoyt about a week ago needless to say I no longer shoot a Martin Bow. The Hoyt Line up really impressed me.

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Mathews, Hoyt, Martin, Bowtech... these are all good choices in my opinion. Shoot them all and make your choice.

If the Muzzys are working for you, stick with them.

Carbons are great.
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