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loose arrow knock

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I was shooting and 2 arrows went astray and hit the wall, they went astray because the string pulled the knock out of the shaft. these are carbon shafts so the knocks are press in, could I glue them in what should I use, hot melt or super glue. on one arrow the point insert pulled out as well are they normally glued in or pushed in dry. I never built a carbon shat before they are new to me thanks Mike
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A common way to solve this problem is to use a small piece of plastic bag as a shim. You just put the plastic over the end of the arrow, and push the nock into the arrow so that the plastic is pressed in (between the nock insert, and the arrow shaft).

This holds it in place, but allows you to rotate the nock, or replace it easily if it breaks.
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Jazz are an aluminum arrow model from Easton. They are pretty inexpensive for a complete arrow. The other budget model from Easton is the Tribute. Both are really the same quality, maybe a color difference.
If you're ordering them you can't go wrong with Lancaster. If you call them, and tell them what you have they should set you up with arrows to get you started.
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