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I'm gonna chase down a Pronghorn on foot, wearing only a loincloth and using a fire sharpened stick....after all the ranch is only 90,000 acres.... I've turned over a new leaf this year.... I pledge to be an ETHICAL HUNTER....:D :p
90,000 acres isn't 90% of the high fence areas. Is it hard to hunt high fence? Not from what they show on the tube and that is what people are referring to. It's not like they're just spewing something someone else said, they've seen it.

I don't even watch tv and I've seen it.

Teds Ted, don't care for his attitude but it sells, so be it, just doesn't sell to me. Just another hunter with more opportunities than most. Wish him just as much well as any other hunter. No more no less. Guy wants to shot pigs in a barrel, if he's happy, so am I. Nothing wrong with it but I'd question any wild game that's fed by man. Is it getting the same stuff domestic animals are? I don't know but would think so. Be cheaper and easier to buy that steak from the store, but if he's happy so am I.

For all you high fence owners chiming in, you really need some schooling on how to sell a product. Insulting people might work some time but it never does with people like myself who have been dealing with the public for decades. Just witnessing rudeness on the part of a business toward the public turns me right off. Won't even bother looking in that direction again.
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