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Loosing respect for Uncle Ted...

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As I am sitting here writting this, Ted's final song is ending on the Outdoor Channel....Very disappointing.:(
He just killed a nice axis buck from a blind. Awesome right.
Well, when he was starting to track the deer after a great shot, he stopped to talk to the camera (along with the two observers he had with him), as he was talking you could see a couple of deer about 20 yrds. behind him walking through the trees. He turned around and saw this, turned to the camera and said something like "We could do some stalking here as well". Well, you probably could since they looked tame enough to feed out of your hand!:mad:
Then when he got to the deer, he was talking to the camera again, and more deer went behind him about 50-75yrds.
I can understand, that hunting exotics here in the U.S. your going to be hunting fenced animals. I am right about this ain't I? But to tell you the truth, I would have rather seen him shoot a big old doe in a fair chase situation than shoot what probably was some kids pet that he raised for Ted to pay to shoot.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not stupid, I know a lot of what you see on TV is in fenced areas, but I don't want to see them wondering around looking at you when go to get it with the camera!
Sorry guys, just had to vent...
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...coming in a tad late ....

I may be late here. Hopefully, some of the zip hasn't been lost in the thread.

Micah, I'm voting on your ballot.

I hunt. A lot. Have for 40 years.

And Ted Nugent absolutely does not speak for me.

I don't like his demeanor, his mouth, or his shrill over-the-top 'support' for hunting.

In my opinion, TN has NOT done a lot of good for hunting. His bombastic diatribes on talk radio have made hunters appear as buffoons. We don't need an over-the-hill rock star throwing self-promoting hissyfits about his right to "whack" animals. Filming the killing of fenced-in animals and calling it 'hunting' is not the kind of PR our sport needs.

Does TN appeal to juvenile wannabe rockstars and wackmasters? well, yeah, he does. And do those kids go out and buy camo?..... probably.

But, simply because he has access to shock radio venues and can motivate impressionable 15year olds doesn't qualify this poseur as any thinking hunters' spokesman.

Hunting, it's traditions and ethics, are too important to have this charlatan hijack it in order to promote his fading career.

Other than that I'm pretty neutral on the guy.

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....Deer Texas .....

My, my, DT .....don't hold back, tell us how you really feel.

I like your style. The quote/counter quote method you use in your advocacy of the MotorCityMotorMouth is effective.

Let me give it a shot:

Fairfax1: "does TN appeal to juvenile wannabees.. ...impressionable 15 year olds?" "Probably"

DT: "Eat me" ...."Moron"...."Eat me"....."BWAAAHAHA"..."I don't look like a bufoon"

Darn DT ....I can learn from you ......your argument style works.

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139 Posts of you guys.....

Absolutely Nailed it!



The Match made in Heaven: Tedophile & Anna Nicole Smith

Ted Nugent does for Hunting what Anna Nicole does for 'being a lady'.

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....Deer Texas....

....and YOUR point with the circles is?

MY point is: Our wonderful and at-risk hunting culture is NOT so desperate for a visible spokesperson that we need give this has-been minor celebrity an opportunity to hijack our passion in order to revive his fading career.

We are perceived by non-hunters ---the neutrals and the anti's -- by who speaks for us. And T.Nugent should not be our public face. Not all non-hunters are anti-hunters...they are neutral...and we should attempt to woo them to our values. The radicalized behavior, showmanship, or 'schtick' of TN is not the PR front we want to put forward as any kind of image of 'hunters'

Indeed, as one poster remarked, TN "has warts".....some of them being: a conflicted sense of game laws, witness his own admission of shooting protected song birds on his Michigan property; a questionable sense of what America is and what it stands for, witness his frequently shouted "Speak English or get the hell out" diatribes.

Simply because has access to talk radio because he's good for colorful air-time does not qualify him to represent any part of the hunting community.

I have no problem with Ted Nugent being a passionate hunter...provided he will follow the game laws. I do have a problem with him putting himself forward as a spokesman for the broader hunting community.

I have to admit some bewilderment with the unfortunate 'tedophiles' who desperately look to him as the appropriate guard-dog of our cherished hunting traditions, ethics, and culture. Without being too facile .... my earlier reference to Anna Nicole Smith may just be appropriate .... it's the 'dumbing down' of American culture.

Lastly, I can respect the many posters here and on other forums who perceive that our hunting culture is in grave danger by PETA and other 'anti' groups. However, I would say to them all...."you are fighting the wrong fight". The 'anti's, are relatively small 'fringe' groups frequently perceived as radical and out of touch by the majority of Americans. The danger to our hunting is the loss of habitat, and the 'indifference' of the 'neutrals'.....not to mention, the emergence of alarming diseases in portions of the whitetail herd.

THAT is where are efforts must be they political activisim or financial support....NOT railing against the straw-man of the PETA shrills. We are being suckered onto the wrong battlefield.
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