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Loosing respect for Uncle Ted...

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As I am sitting here writting this, Ted's final song is ending on the Outdoor Channel....Very disappointing.:(
He just killed a nice axis buck from a blind. Awesome right.
Well, when he was starting to track the deer after a great shot, he stopped to talk to the camera (along with the two observers he had with him), as he was talking you could see a couple of deer about 20 yrds. behind him walking through the trees. He turned around and saw this, turned to the camera and said something like "We could do some stalking here as well". Well, you probably could since they looked tame enough to feed out of your hand!:mad:
Then when he got to the deer, he was talking to the camera again, and more deer went behind him about 50-75yrds.
I can understand, that hunting exotics here in the U.S. your going to be hunting fenced animals. I am right about this ain't I? But to tell you the truth, I would have rather seen him shoot a big old doe in a fair chase situation than shoot what probably was some kids pet that he raised for Ted to pay to shoot.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not stupid, I know a lot of what you see on TV is in fenced areas, but I don't want to see them wondering around looking at you when go to get it with the camera!
Sorry guys, just had to vent...
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You know some high fence ranches have there fences to keep other deer out not in, thats one way to control there herd. Once they have all the deer they need they want to keep deer out as not to mess up the ratio and so on. The only fenced hunting ive done is for boar, pin on in a corner and have a big boy run at you and see whats fair. Also whats wrong with pay to hunt? I pay $1500 a yr to hunt our club and im sure alot of other people have leases and plant and set up feeders, is that wrong? I think not.

Oh Yea! Teds the S#it.........
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