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Loving my new Highline

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Yesterday I picked up my new Hoyt Highline, after ordering it two weeks ago. It is 33" draw length, 65#. I've put several dozen arrows through it and so far it is a really nice shooting bow. I don't see too many posts about the Highline...Probably because there aren't that many of us Sasquatch freaks that need them! For the last couple years I've been shooting an Invicta 40 SVX, and opted to get the Highline for my dedicated 3D bow so I can set up my Invicta for field. The SVX cam on the Invicta has very, very little valley and really reminds me of a barn-sour horse that just wants to run...You really have to pull into the wall to control it. The Highline has a nice valley and at 80% let-off, is a dream to hold at full draw. I haven't shot it through the chronograph yet, but I'm guessing it is somewhere in the 280's. I'm still tweaking the peep setup some, so I haven't nailed down perfect sight marks yet. Thus far, I really like this bow.
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