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Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone out there knows of a low profile sight light for my new Team Extreme 900 4-pin sight. The thread size is 7/16"-20.

I need a sight light that is no longer than 1/2" so that my new treelimb premium quiver can rotate past the sight light while putting it on and/or removing it from my bow. I initially got the G5 sight light b/c I liked the blue LED and 7-position switch, but it is about 1 1/4" long and does provide enough clearance to get my quiver on/off.

I looked at the Foxfire sight light, which would be perfect, but it only comes in a 3/8 thread size (please correct me if I'm wrong--as this would be the ticket!).

I'd greatly appreciate any advice or guidance as to 1/2" length or shorter sight light with a 7/16"-20 thread size. Many thanks!!

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