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this is a happy story. with the 'I've lost my deer threads' starting, I thought I'd relay three stories of hit deer (or missed) recovered later. For the guys that have lost a deer or are sick because of a missed opportunity, here are a few stories for you dating back to 1993.

I was hunting a acorn flat on state park land in Spruce Run NJ when I had a spike come through right before dark. He walked into my shooting lane and I shot at him at 25 yds. my arrow was deflected by a branch that I had bent down, but did not break off. Deer was not hit. I hunted that same stand about two days later in the evening. That same buck came through and I shot him at about 15 yds. my first antlered buck period. Deer are funny, they do come back to the same areas.

Rifle season three years ago. Still hunting in to my stand when a group of does comes out. I shoot the first at 20 yds with my 243. she drops like a ton of bricks. two more come out about 40 yds. I level off and shoot. that doe takes off and I find her about 70 yds away in a pasture. Looking through the snow near my stand for tracks, I notice a third blood trail....nothing great, but there is blood well removed from the other two trails. I think this is weird considering I shot but twice. Long story short, I trailed this deer for a few hundred yards and caught sight of her tail at half mast. When I shot, I knicked this ones tail on a deflection and killed the other one. fast forward to last rifle season. I get busted moving by a group of does the second or third day of the season. I grab my 30-06 and make a quick shot on the lead doe and she goes down in 20 yds. This was the same doe I had knicked in the tail three seasons do I know? she had but half a tail.

last but not least...this happened last season while hunting an oak flat. my buddy had just shot his first deer with a bow and we were both trailing her. here comes another doe off the hillside...I draw, shoot and miss low. only a few white hairs to tell the story. we find my buddies deer in no time. I come back to that same spot two days later and shoot a doe on a hard quartering away angle at 20 yds. she goes 50yds. wouldn't you know it, this is the same deer I had just undershot two days earlier. yeah, there was a thunderhead triangle mark in the skin just below her brisket.

so, I say to the guys that are having a hard time with missing and hit deer...sometimes they do come back for a second shot...maybe not be this year, but it just may happen.
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