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Mad at Madness!

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I am mad at madness.....bow madness that is!
I shot a bow madness xs today and was very impressed.
I have not shot a pse in a long time.
I recently acquired a new bow that cost nearly exactly twice the madness.
I feel like I got the wrong bow!
The madness was quiet and solid feel / no vibes .....very smooth!
I want to compare the speeds to my new bow that cost twice the $$$$$
I am betting that I am going to be really mad!
Mad about Bow Madness!

Any one else?

Anyone compared the Bow Madness XS to the SS? Big difference in $$$$$
Interested in all feedback on these 2 PSE models.
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I shot the Bowmadness XS at the ILL D&T Classic.

I just traded my brand new General for a Bowmadness XS to another member here on A/T.
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