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The broadhead: Magnus Bullhead 3 3/4" 125gr
The arrow: Goldtip 7595 hunter @ 31", Blazer vanes (all I had)
The bow: Martin Slayer 60# @ 29", walkback and broadhead tuned
The target: cardboard box stuffed with layered cardboard, all sheets perpindicular to shot angle, stops most BH's in 4-6".

I shot the BH at 20 yards since this is how far I am going to limit myself for spring turkey. The BH hit consistently 9" low and centered perfectly left to right. I think a larger vane would have helped. My 40 yard pin is dead on at 20 yards with this setup so I will be set if I don't get some bigger vanes in time. I repeatedly shot the same BH and noticed the blades bent a little more with each shot. I had to stop at after 7 shots since the blades turned. All 7 shots hit in the exact same spot. The blades didn't do as well as I hoped but faired well considering how tough my homemade target is. This same target has destroyed more than one mechanical head.


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