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Manufacturers PLEASE!!!!!!

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Build us a 3.5 lb crossbow with (prefer compound due to smaller width) limb bolts that allow the bow to be relaxed enough for string changing in the field AND with a quiver bracket that will fit on the top of the limbs running parallel to the barrel. PLEASE! I'm 63 and 8 lb crossbows are killing me.
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A lightweight rifle with a scope is in the 3lb range. An xbow has a lot more hardware to it than a gun - throw in quiver and arrows too. Hardware = weight even if it's aluminum. I wish too. Maybe one day prices will come down on hi-tech materials.
This is why you teach young people to hunt - to help with the load! Grab a grandkid and put 'em to work.:wink:
Sometimes fingers and thoughts do not jive. And if spell checker doesn't get it...... well you know!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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