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Manufacturers PLEASE!!!!!!

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Build us a 3.5 lb crossbow with (prefer compound due to smaller width) limb bolts that allow the bow to be relaxed enough for string changing in the field AND with a quiver bracket that will fit on the top of the limbs running parallel to the barrel. PLEASE! I'm 63 and 8 lb crossbows are killing me.
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Your idea is great, but not very practical. You would not like to shoot a 3.5 lb bow that performs like todays crossbows. It would not shoot well. We (TenPoint) are headed in the right direction with a couple models this year, but something 3.5 lbs would send arrows all over the place and the materials would cost a fortune. Like Digger said, it would have to be techy carbons and Titanium.$$$$$$$
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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