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Many of you will be just starting your archery season.......

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So, good luck to you all and may you have many memorable hunts. Our season started a couple of weeks ago and the deer numbers are not high, but there are deer to be found.

During those two weeks my sons and I have seen numerous doe, a few bachelor groups of 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 year old bucks, most in groups of four or less. Wlaking out of a favorite ground hunting spot I did get the opportunity to bump a 4 1/2 year old.........dang I hate when that happens. Him and I may have some unfinsihed business later, since he is in a no mans land area where most hunters will not venture.

However, in about 10 minutes one of my sons and I will be leaving for 11 days of elk hunting..........his first and possibly my last and I will leave all of you with this message before we go;

Enjoy the time hunting, do not get so wrapped up in size and trophies that you forget the total experience. If you are fortunate enough to kill an animal savor the moment, take good photos, and share that stroy with family and friends,,,,,,,,the whole story from the start to finish. Lastly, take a family memeber, a friend, or just someone who wants to learn how to hunt and show them. See, thats how we all keep this legacy alive and that is what this thing called hunting is.

Talk to you all when I get back.........hopefully with lots of pictures:wink:

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Back from 10 days of hunting in the Wichitas for elk.

The weather was warm and windy making hunting tough, there were only 4 elk taken out of 1100 trips by hunters afield. My son and did attempt two spot and stalks and they were interrupted by another group of hunters, kind of frustrating but thats hunting.

One stalk occured on the side of a rockey hill and the 5X5 did respond to my cow call but it went ghost on us at just over 80 yards when an un-knowing hunter stepped out of the brush in between the elk and us.........was comical watching this elk watch the fellow as he stumbled up the hill trying to get to the cow he, when he got up to us we pointed out the bull moving up hill and he just shrugged his shoulders and walked away.

The second stalk occured on a flat area in a newly planted wheat field, a cow walked in to the field just north of us and had a young bull in tow (3X4). We were getting ready to take the cow when an older bull (6X6) stepped out on the edge of the that point the plan for us changed and we began the stalk on the older bull, 115......95......82......stop, the bull closes the gap to 67 yds and I moved back behind my son who was now within 60 yds of the bull. He was grazing slowly toward us and was closing the distance when into the field drives an old Chevy blazer............guess what happened next?

Was not a total loss, we did get to visit with some really good people and share some stories with other hunters having the same problems. It was my last opportunity to elk hunt with my son for some time, but we did get some excitment putting on the two stalks we did.:wink:

Here are some pictures from the hunts, good hunting.

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