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#1 Fastpassthrough, builder of Newberry bows (no relation to Wayne Newberry of Berry Strings) This bow is excellent. I am extrememly happy with mine. Richard sent me a module quickly when I decided this bow was too long for me. No proshops in my area carry his bow and he has taken care of me well. Thumbs up for the bow case that is included which made shipping to Alaska all that much easier. Numerous grouse have fell victom to this fine bow, including a couple head shots at 20 yards with Judo points. Can't wait to try it in a month on Caribou. Fast, light, smooth and vibration free...who could ask for more. A great altenative to a Mathews if you like a single cam. If Richard builds one with traditional dual cams or licenses the Cam and a 1/2 I'm going to be all over it. The only issue I've had on this bow was the stock string. I've never contacted Richard about it because I had a pile of shots on the original one and I'm mostly at fault with the center serving that let loose on me. I retied the center serving and it was good again. However, I did have some issues with keeping peep alignment. No biggee considering how many of the big name bows out there that have some string problems.

#2 Arroman. Thanks for all the advice on the Whisker Bisquit.

3# Wayne Newberry, Berry Strings. I ordered a string and cable combination from him right before the Labor Day weekend. He got on it as quickly as he could and I got it in right around a week. All the quality was EXCELLENT and it made my Newberry Bow all that much better. I put the peep on the first day and have not had to move it at all since then. I have fired the "normal" 100 shot break-in and I haven't had to change a single thing. All my measurements have shown no stretch to the limits of my measuring devices. Even though the bow was pretty dang quiet with the stock D-75 Thin string, the new 16 strand Ultracam String is noticeably quieter. (probably a touch slower though)

4# JAVELINA for just one PM that changed my broadhead choice for a long time. The Magnus Stingers that he gave a thumbs up to are some of the finest flying heads I have had the pleasure to shoot.

5# Everyone involved in the bow hand placement discussions. Information I got from those threads have inproved my shooting incredibly.

This is a great place and it's a pleasure to know that this kind of help is available. Too bad I didn't find it until a month ago. :rolleyes: Thanks again folks.

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