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Mapping your bow

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I had this done today on my Trykon. Its an Easton program that give you the peak draw force 70.3, holding weight 25.7, power stroke 21.1, stored energy 93.6.
Then you punch in your arrow length 29", arrow weight 440 grain, and arrow speed 290 fps ( my draw length 30")
Then it gives you the kenetic energy at 20 yards 73.3 KE, 30 yards 70.4 KE, 40 yards 67.6 KE, 50 yards 64.9 KE, 60 yards 62.3 KE, 70 yards 59.7 KE, 80 yards 57.3 KE, 90 yards 55 KE, and at 100 yards 52.7 KE.
The number above are from my Trykon, I thought this was some good information and for those that shoot the Trykon.
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critter_catcher said:
just wondering, how do you have a 30" draw but only a 29" arrow?
i have a 28" draw length and shoot a 26.5" arrow.. i use a whisker biscuit which almost acts like an overdraw.
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