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Mar-Den Mini-Max3 125 grain

Plywood 3 points
Steel Drum 3 points
Orange 4 points
Cutting diameter 5 points
Accuracy 5 points
Blades 3 points
Total score 23 with a blade sharpness rating of B

The Mini-Max 3,is a typical three blade, swing open style mechanical broadhead. It has a large 2” cutting diameter and uses a unique, blade retention system. The blades slide around a steel ring, then line up in the body. When I first saw this arrangement I thought, “oh boy here we go.” The only other head I saw this used on was the Satellite dead ringer, and it didn’t work to well on that head. I was wrong in this case. The system proved to be strong and reliable. As with all Mar-den heads this one use’s the exposed 7/8” cutting surface on the blades. This aids in penetration and helps to promote a good, sized entrance hole.
In the plywood test the Mini-Max, penetrated up to the back of the blades, coming very close to making it all the way through, but not quite. In the steel drum it penetrated the first side and the tip stuck in the far wall. When I pulled the arrow out, the ferule snapped off just below the blade collar. This is probably due to the extreme force the steel drum puts on the head, combined with the extra large collar that limits the amount of thread that fits inside the arrow insert. Considering how well the head stayed together and the fact that throughout the plywood and drum tests the blades stayed intact, I consider the performance excellent for such a large head. Much better than other 3 blade heads I have tested with cutting diameters of 1 ¾” to 2 inches. In the Orange the head showed the 7/8” cut of the exposed blade and fully opened by the time it exited.
I consider the Mini-Max3, to be the very best 2” wide, three blade mechanical broadhead I have tested. The blades are strong, and shaving sharp. Accuracy is excellent and the head opens fast and reliably. This is not a broadhead for those with limited Kinetic energy. On the other hand if you have plenty to spare and want a really large wound channel with good penetration I don’t think you will find a better choice.
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