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Martin bows?

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Right now some of the big brands are Hoyt, Mathews, Bowtech, and PSE. Among all of these brands, martin is not talked about much. Has anyone shot a new martin recently? How did it feel in comparison to others? Just out of curiosity.

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Hmm. No answers in two days. I guess that about sums it up.
I was recently in the market for a new bow. I wound up going with Obsession but that was mainly just from the bow on paper and I found a decent deal on a used one. When I was doing my research I checked the old brands like Darton and Martin along with the others you mentioned as I am a 43 year old who used to bow hunt 20+ years ago but then got out of it for almost 20 years. There is a Bowtech dealer 15 minutes from my house and I checked them out as well and ultimately steered away because their limb problems. There are a couple Obsession dealers within 45 minutes or so of my house and the bow I purchased was a 2016 DefCon 6. For those who do not know Obsession up to 2016 had a lifetime warranty that went with the bow. Now I looked at Martin and they have a dealer a little over and hour from my house and then I also looked at Darton. I don't think I found a Darton dealer within 2 hours of my house. Somewhere along the way it just seems some of these companies got left behind. Now it kinda seems like most of the companies all make very good bows with very similar technology. You look around though and it seems more like Bear and PSE are more looked at as cheaper box store type companies, even though they are not imo. You look at the price tag on new bows and I would compare it to sneakers in a lot of ways. It seems to me you are paying more for the name than the product. Now I had an issue with my draw stops on my bow. I drew right through them and broke them off. I had to get new ones and even new cams. I tried to go through one of those dealers close to me and after 2-3 weeks I had no luck at all. I wound up going through an Obsession dealer on here and had everything in about a week. So I cannot really say it was poor customer service from Obsession but at the same time when I originally talked to my local dealer he said they didn't really try to push Obsession because of the lack of customer service from them. Now again I went through a dealer on here and had everything in a week so I don't really know where the breakdown was. Ultimately I think some of these companies just understand if a customer is not satisfied or needs something then they need to fix it ASAP. Some companies do not. I should note I was not trying to get anything for free through warranty service and I paid for everything. Honestly there are some new things out now as far as tuning goes with Elite and Bowtech and then you have Prime with their 2-track cams but other than that most bows seem to shoot pretty much the same. you may have one that is a little lighter, a little quieter, a little less vibration, looks a little better, etc but they are all very similar these days. Just look at the let-offs and IBO speed ratings for the past 4 years or so. Everything as far as that goes has kinda hit a plateau. So I would just say look around you locally. If you do have an issue or need something it is always good to have a dealer close by. Shoot as many bows as you can and research what the different companies offer and see how that compares to what you plan to use the bow for.
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