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Martin Customer Service Problem

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Well my dad bought my 9 yr old brother a fiberglass Martin longbow. So he's had it for about 2 months and the string has already broken. I've emailed Martin several times to no avail. All I need is a string for my little brother's bow. Any ideas how to get any response from Martin?

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CMR said:
FYI my story w/Martin:
I bought a Martin Hunter recurve and the string (flemish) it came with had some problems. I called Martin to see about getting a replacement. First, I was informed that "it wasn't their problem." After informing them that the string was never used and still in the original package, I was informed "to call back, the tech was on lunch." But after again stating that its a NIB string, I get this, "(Sigh), alright fine...give me your address."
so I give them my address for a new string. A week later I get it and its NOT a flemish string, its a Dacron string.

Not too happy w/Martins service.....
Sorry if you feel less than impressed with the service at Martin. Give me a call at 800-541-8902 ext 2718 and I will send you a string for your Hunter. Martin is a wholesale only company and we DO NOT sell directly to the public if at all possible. As not to compete with our dealers any purchases would be charged FULL retail which is MUCH higher than if you were to go to a Pro shop. We have just added another Customer Service Tech to our staff to better serve our customers. You can give Josh, Phil(the new guy) or myself a call anytime. If you have not recieved responses from an email it may be because the forwarding system we use sometimes sends our responses to 'Junk' mail boxes if the person uses acct's such as hotmail, g-mail or MSN. This time of year is especially busy as hunting season is fast approaching. Sales inquiries, general questions and warranty work mutliply 10 fold in the months of July and August. If you do not feel that you have received a timely response to any emails please just give us a call and we would be happy to help you.

Martin Archery Customer Service
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