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Got a question about making changes to this bow.

2004 Martin Cougar III Red Target Color with....
-28" Fury Cams
-Elite Limbs (Black)
-50-65# (5H limbs)
-42" ATA

Can I swap the cam and put the NitrosX C cams I have on this bow?

If so can you tell me what the draw length range would be and would that effect the draw weight on the 5H limbs? Also, if anyone knows the string/cable lengths for this setup if it's doable, that would be good to know.. :wink:


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Hey Ted....

The Fury and Fury X cams are draw length specific...But you could put a set of Nitrous B cams on the bow....The C cams will yeild Ginormous draw lengths....The 5H's should end up in the low 50's I beleive...

PM me...

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