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I have a customer with the Lynx bow. It has the steel cables with the springs and anchors on the ends to hold the bowstring.
It has a label on the bottom limb but time has worn away any information such as string lengths, draw weight, draw length, etc...
Even serial number. It is a blank label.
I am needing to make a bowstring for him and since he got the bow broken, he made his own string with the Flemish twist style
bowstring. He made it too long and time has also stretched the string badly.
It is very hard to pull back and I believe that it is like this because the cams are turned out of spec causing the need for more
pressure to get the cams oriented correctly first and then it gets a little bit easier to draw the bow.
Can someone please help me with the correct string length so that I can at least start off with the correct string length?
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